Analysis Tools and Techniques

In this section I’ll showcase some of the tools & techniques I like to use to analyze data


Excel Maps

It may surprise you to find that Excel is actually really, really good at generating maps. Take a look at some examples

Visual Basic

Initially my experience of VBA was a steep learning curve – but once I climbed that mountain I’ve realized its very powerful. Now armed with that ‘hammer’ everything looks like a ‘nail’!

Folium Maps

I recently learned about this from a Nashville Software school course. Folium maps generate interactive content that you can easily share with others. Check out some of my examples.

Excel Tables & VBA

Using Excel Tables and VBA is a great starting point for automating many tasks. Tables can also link to dynamic data – such as stock prices or geographic based data

Case Studies
Photo by Ralph W. lambrecht on

Tornado Tracking in Nashville

Unleashing the power of Folium maps and Python to look at building permit applications immediately following the March 2020 tornado. Building permits were up significantly.

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COVID – The Movie

Animating Time Series Data. Making your data moves helps communicate trends to your audience. It empowers them and enables everyone to point out powerful insights. Or you can stick with 100’s of pages of data!

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