Go Tesla = good for climate

I am a proud Tesla owner – and have been for over a year now. I get joy every day driving a car that is responsive, fun to drive, quiet etc. Electric cars are superior in so many ways. With over 1 million cars produced and sold last year Tesla knows how to execute. MarginsContinue reading “Go Tesla = good for climate”

Shift to EV is an accelerating trend; Exon under pressure to be carbon neutral by 2050

http://www.wsj.com/articles/auto-makers-aim-to-boost-ev-sales-to-40-50-of-u-s-sales-by-2030-11628110425 This current phase of EV adoption is exponential. While this article talks about current EV sales are just 3% of car sales in the US – there is no doubt this is an area of exciting creativity and product launches. I agree government should incentivize and initiate the charging infrastructure. As part of VW’sContinue reading “Shift to EV is an accelerating trend; Exon under pressure to be carbon neutral by 2050”

EV future is coming

Interesting note from wsj today – 3-18-21 With the ex­cep­tion of elec­tric-ve­hi­cle jug­ger­naut Tesla Inc., most auto mak­ers aren’t run­ning their own charg­ing net­works. But with lim­ited charg­ing op­por­tu­ni-ties of­ten hold­ing con­sumers back, Volk­swa­gen has shifted gears and an­nounced plans to op­er­ate 18,000 pub­lic fast-charg­ing sta­tions in Eu­rope by 2025. Also in the same article:Continue reading “EV future is coming”

Tesla’s first annual profit. Go Tesla!

So proud to be both a Tesla owner and an investor. But that pride is more than about me as an individual…..it’s about 500,000 deliveries to customers in 2020 who have similar views on the importance of managing our carbon emissions and expressing our views with our wallets. Tesla posted its first full-year profit. TheContinue reading “Tesla’s first annual profit. Go Tesla!”