EV future is coming

Interesting note from wsj today – 3-18-21

With the ex­cep­tion of elec­tric-ve­hi­cle jug­ger­naut Tesla Inc., most auto mak­ers aren’t run­ning their own charg­ing net­works. But with lim­ited charg­ing op­por­tu­ni-ties of­ten hold­ing con­sumers back, Volk­swa­gen has shifted gears and an­nounced plans to op­er­ate 18,000 pub­lic fast-charg­ing sta­tions in Eu­rope by 2025.

Also in the same article:

In ad­di­tion to the com­pa­ny’s ex­ist­ing Eu­ropean joint ven­ture Ion­ity—which also in­volves BMW AG, Ford Mo­tor Co., and Daim­ler AG—the to­tal in­cludes 8,000 fast-charg­ing sta­tions in Eu­rope that Volk­swa­gen said it would build with BP PLC, half of which would be at BP and Aral fill­ing sta­tions. In Italy, Volk­swa­gen will team up with Enel SpA, the power com­pany, and in Spain with elec­tric util­ity Iber­drola SA

I have long advocated that current gas stations have a great opportunity to provide electric charging stations. They have the space, the infrastructure is easy, and it enables people to use their mini marts. If they don’t do this – it’s a slow decline to obsolescence.

As for me – i love the Italian model of gas stations. Go in, get a perfect espresso, a snack etc, fill up and hit the road. Since electric charging takes a little longer right now – capitalize on a captive audience to buy stuff or services. Want a haircut with that 1hr charge up? Sounds good to me !

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