COVID Milestone: ~1 million US deaths in 800 days

NY Times reported on May 19th that the US had officially recorded one million deaths from COVID. This is slightly different than the 993,000 reported on the World Health Organization data source. That’s almost 800 days since the 100 death recorded. Just goes to show how this pandemic had a long term impact. All thoseContinue reading “COVID Milestone: ~1 million US deaths in 800 days”

US Peaks on cases but not yet fatalities

The global march of Omicron is still going – check out the case numbers reported on the WHO website. 2022 is showing a truly unprecedented level of cases. World wide over 22 million cases recorded in the week running up to Jan 17th. Thankfully the fatality curve has not followed suit. The US has peakedContinue reading “US Peaks on cases but not yet fatalities”

Go Tesla = good for climate

I am a proud Tesla owner – and have been for over a year now. I get joy every day driving a car that is responsive, fun to drive, quiet etc. Electric cars are superior in so many ways. With over 1 million cars produced and sold last year Tesla knows how to execute. MarginsContinue reading “Go Tesla = good for climate”