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An awesome example of Risk Management – getting man on the moon!

This part of the blog is focused on my passion for Risk Management.

I’ve had over 20 years experience in financial services. I’ve seen a lot of risk!! I like to write about some of the topics I think are important for effective risk management.

Cyber attack hits JBS meat works in Australia, North America | Reuters

In the grand scale of cyber terrorism this is one that might actually be ethically ok. Disrupting meat production isn’t the end of the world and if encourages a few more ‘meatless Monday’s ‘ it may have a positive impact. Who knew that IT was critical in meat production? I’d take this over disrupting gasoline…

Texas Sues Griddy, Says Electricity Provider Misled Customers : NPR

Targeting Giddy is not the answer- instead focus on the authorities that set the exorbitant prices. The state says it received more than 400 complaints about Griddy in less than two weeks. One woman who was hit with $4,677 on her credit card said, “I do not have the money to pay this bill.” —…

Texas shows the limits of free markets in Energy

Texas – home of the Enron accounting scandal and energy deregulation shows the limits of letting free market theory drive electricity generation. We are learning that there were terrible winter storms 10 years ago in 2011. El Paso, Texas was one place badly affected by that. It invested in winterization initiatives and as a result…


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