Tesla’s first annual profit. Go Tesla!

So proud to be both a Tesla owner and an investor. But that pride is more than about me as an individual…..it’s about 500,000 deliveries to customers in 2020 who have similar views on the importance of managing our carbon emissions and expressing our views with our wallets.

Tesla posted its first full-year profit. The electric-vehicle maker reported a profit of $721 million on about $31.5 billion in sales in 2020, compared with an $862 million loss and sales of $24.6 billion in 2019, as growing demand and record deliveries boosted its business. The company expects to increase deliveries by 50% on average annually, and it plans to open two new vehicle factories this year—one near Austin, Texas, and the other near Berlin, its first in Europe—to support its growth.

I can honestly say that my base model 3 is the best car I’ve had. The responsiveness is like nothing else. The handling is great due to the low center of gravity. And the space inside is amazing.

But let’s add to that…it’s just simply cheaper to run. My weekly driving is less than $5 of electricity. The estimates are it saves $1500 per year on fuel for an average driver. But also much lower maintenance costs.

We are past the inflection point. The world is realizing that electric can be better and cheaper …. and that’s reflected in Tesla’s sales and profits. This makes me optimistic about the future for our planet.

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