Global vaccine distribution

Great insight from the Morning Brew here. Consider subscribing to their feed. This gives me some great ideas for analysis which i hope to get to in the next few days – particularly looking at the rate of new infections in Israel and how much of an impact vaccinations are having. Exciting stuff.

While Israel is #1 keep in mind that its population is 8.6 million people – smaller than many states. The population of UAE is 9.9m – also quite small.

The UK is the real standout here is 67m people. Great job!!

US has administered more than any other country

But let’s not be too hard on ourselves in the US. Another way of looking at 7.1% is that’s 23m doses administered – versus 7.6m in the UK and 4.2m in Israel.

Below text is from MorningBrew. Subscribe!

This map from Our World in Data (incredible site, btw) shows the number of Covid-19 doses administered per 100 people in every country. If you squint and zero in on the Middle East, you can identify the leader Israel and runner-up United Arab Emirates.

Here’s the top 10 as of yesterday evening:

  1. Israel: 49.1 doses per 100 people
  2. UAE: 27.9
  3. United Kingdom: 11.3
  4. Bahrain: 8.5
  5. US: 7.1
  6. Italy: 2.6
  7. Germany: 2.4
  8. France: 1.8
  9. China: 1.6
  10. Russia: 0.7

Bottom line: The public health world is looking to Israel for signs of vaccine effectiveness. And the early results are encouraging: Vaccines (even after just one dose) appear to be causing significant drops in Covid infections.

But for now, the new coronavirus strain is keeping Israel’s economy shut down—the government temporarily banned all international flights.

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