Impact of Vaccine – Great news in the UK; too early to tell in Israel

Following my post of yesterday – reporting that Israel has the highest per capita rate of vaccine doses administered I thought I’d check out the charts to see how much of an impact that is having.

The answer is …. a little to early to tell.

Looking at this chart we can see the current rate of new infections has substantially declined from 925 cases per million of population to 741. But make no mistake – both are astronomically high rates of new cases. Little wonder why Israel has been on lockdown since early January. As other countries have shown, curfews and lock downs are very effective at reducing transmission

Here’s a list of the countries with the highest rate of new covid cases. Israel is still #2 on this list. The relatively good news, US is #6

The United Kingdom

The UK has a more impressive story to tell and across a population about 10x higher than Israel. From a high of 890 cases per million per day – to a current level of 475. That is nothing short of impressive. In the last week alone cases have fallen 29%.

This is likely a combination of lock down restrictions – and successful distribution of vaccines.

Unfortunately the fatality rate is still extremely high in the UK – with over 18 deaths per million per day. The number of deaths across the UK in January (about 30,000) is more than twice those of December. January has been the peak month for deaths, exceeding those in the inception of the crisis in April (24,000).

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