Improvement Across the US

Good news, almost all states across the US are reporting reductions in new cases of COVID. The one exception is Alabama, with a 4% rise over the previous week. The impact across the US is that cases have fallen 16% week over week.

Here are the week over week case changes:

Shout out to CA with a 30% reduction is cases. While Wyoming has the best performance – its smaller size relative to CA means that I give most kudos to CA.

But with many states showing very substantial declines – the result is the map of the US looks better each day. Notice how the states in the north are starting to get into a more acceptable range of cases – from Washington to Missouri.

Arizona seems determined to hold onto the #1 spot for cases.

Average daily fatalities.

For the month of January so far, deaths are 86,000, substantially higher than the prior month. Average deaths are 3,100 per day – but at least this looks like this could be the peak (especially if daily cases continue to fall – and vaccines are administered to the most vulnerable).

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