General Motors EV Sales

I’ve been doing some research on the Electric Vehicle market (EV). I was finding it very hard to compare and old established automotive maker – General Motors with a new tech company Tesla.

Firstly the GM Q2 report doesn’t break out sales. So I went online to a site called Here’s what I found:

Chevy Bolt had 2,498 sales in Q2 – though while down on the same period last year is apparently up in market share. That doesn’t sound so bad does it.

Well I wondered how these guys are defining their universe – obviously missing in their definition of market is Tesla.

Tesla delivered 91,000 vechicles in Q2.

That’s right – Tesla delivered 6x the total number of cars included in this so called peer group in Q2. So lets adjust those numbers a bit. The Chevvy Bolt share isn’t 16% of the market its less than 3%

How can the gmautority website over look this glaring gap? That’s not much of an authority figure for me. That’s complete bias and misrepresentation.

The list price of Chevy Bolt is $36,620, the list price of a Tesla Model 3 is $37,990. Which would you chose? I know which one I’d pick – and that’s reflected in Tesla’s market share.

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