Russia is late to the Omicron party – let’s hope that slows their war with Ukraine

While most of the west has peaked regarding Omicron and is now starting to see fatalities fall – the Russian picture isn’t as rosy. Official numbers (source WHO) show cases have peaked – but fatalities are still relatively high at 5.3 per million per day.

The UK has average daily fatalities down to 1 per million per day. But notice the peak case rate which is much higher than Russia’s official numbers.

US is trending down and also had peak cases much higher than Russia’s

France is doing a wonderful job on reducing cases and fatalities:

A review of the peak case rates in many countries for Omicron makes me believe that the Russian numbers look under reported. If that’s the case then I hope that this creates further challenges for their war effort.

Here’s the Ukraine chart – but given the war I would, unfortunately, not rely on the data.

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