Vermont Sets a Very Tough Standard for Vacationers

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This post is inspired by a question from a subscriber. Thank you!

Ah – the peace and tranqulity of Vermont. Who wouldn’t want to escape the heat of the south, or the bustle of the city with a relaxing vacation in the countryside.

Well before you pack for that trip consider the states “CROSS STATE TRAVEL” advisory. If you come from a higher risk state or country forget it (or for my Brooklyn friends fuggedaboutit!

This is a sensible step for Vermont – it is already one of the lowest risk states in the US – with virtually zero average death rate in the past week or so. Lets look at how Vermont has defined it. It says if your home county “caseload” is greater than 400 per million of population – you can’t come in.

I don’t see a definition for caseload – but I’m going to assume this is the likely number of contagious people. If we assume a contagious period of 2 weeks – and look at the average daily number of new cases over the past 2 weeks for each state – we can begin to see who qualifies for that. Answer not many.

By my calculations – the states that would qualify to travel to Vermont are (in lowest order of caseload first)

  1. Hawaii
  2. Montana
  3. Oregon
  4. West Virginia
  5. Wyoming
  6. Alaska
  7. Oklahoma
  8. Idaho
  9. Maine

But bear in mind – the calculations are done at the county level

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