Further Improvement in the US

keep wearing the masks – it’s working!

Another refresh of the data for the “worst counties in America” list – and other meaningful improvement. Now only 147 counties make the list, compared to 188 a week ago. Texas and Florida showing significant reduction in the number of counties on the list.

Georgia is basically flat to last week – only 1 county has improved and moved off the list.

Tennessee has reduced the number of counties on the list from 12 to 9. Davidson County continues to improve – now number 77 on the list.

Overall impact of this is further improvement in the US curve. Daily New US Cases are now about 162 per million per day down from about 204 per day on their most recent peak in late July.

Fatalities also look like they are stablizing – and hopefully on for a downward trend as the reduced case data works its way through its process.

Critical hot spots

The situation is still critical in parts of Texas. In Cameron and Nueces County daily new cases are still over 1000 per million per day. Fatalities are correspondingly high.

23 counties have more than 10 fatalities per million per day (8 of which are in Florida – including Miami). Of this list 4 counties have more than 20 fatalities per million per day – these are : in Texas – Cameron, Hidalgo and Webb. In Florida, Bay county has 25 fatalities per million per day.

These critical hot spots have been on the top of the list for a while. Substantial and rapid improvement needs to be made.

Here’s the full list:

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