Snapshot of COVID in less than 2 minutes

Take a look at this video produced by the team. An analysis of the spread of COVID across the US – both in cases and number of deaths.

Its odd how a 2 minute video can convey the past 5 months that we have all lived. On the one hand, March 2020 seems like a lifetime ago. Then when you look at the video you realize this was just the blink of an eye ago.

Spoiler alert – its really hard to watch this video and not reflect on the fact that we almost had this thing beat back in late May / early June.

As I post this, we are 4 days into the school reopening season here in Tennessee. Will school reopening be the cause of the next big spike – much like Memorial Day was for the 2nd wave of the US.

I welcome your thoughts on this. And I hope you enjoy watching it.

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