Dramatic Reduction in Covid Cases; over 20% of the US population has some vaccination or prior COVID recovery

Excellent news to report. With the public holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas behind us, we are really starting to see a substantial, and sustained reduction in COVID cases across America.

Here’s the current rate of new case development:

The US is now #14 of the countries with highest per capita rate of new cases – at 237 new cases per million per day.

Here’s the timeline trend over the past 5 months

Fatalities are still very high in a number of states, as you can see below. Total US deaths are getting close to half a million (489,000).

Ohio currently has the worst fatality rate per capita

Results by state

Tennessee is now performing better than the US average

Vaccination News

Since inception and as of Feb 19th :

  • 60 million doses have been administered
  • 17 million people have received 2 doses
  • A further 24 million people have received 1 dose
  • In total – 41 million people have received 1 or more shots
  • In the last 12 days, 20 million vaccine doses have been administered! Thats 1.6 million per day

Add to these figures, that 28 million COVID cases have been recorded. Using various assumptions we can say about 23 million have recovered – which means that well over 74 million people are either vaccinated or have had some exposure to COVID. That’s 23% of the US population.

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