Europe stumbles of vaccine distribution Thank goodness for Brexit. UK has one of the highest rates of vaccine administration. The EU has one of the lowest. In the article attached the EU further slows the distribution of vaccines to the over 64 population. Not a good move.

Tesla’s first annual profit. Go Tesla!

So proud to be both a Tesla owner and an investor. But that pride is more than about me as an individual…’s about 500,000 deliveries to customers in 2020 who have similar views on the importance of managing our carbon emissions and expressing our views with our wallets. Tesla posted its first full-year profit. TheContinue reading “Tesla’s first annual profit. Go Tesla!”

Pandemic supply chain issues: oxygen One worrying, and probably previously not considered, is the limits on the availability of oxygen for covid sufferers. Even in the US California has issued rules rationing oxygen. So telling that this bottleneck comes in almost a year after the pandemic supply – yet another example of poor pandemic planning and a vital lessonContinue reading “Pandemic supply chain issues: oxygen”