COVID Milestone: ~1 million US deaths in 800 days

NY Times reported on May 19th that the US had officially recorded one million deaths from COVID. This is slightly different than the 993,000 reported on the World Health Organization data source. That’s almost 800 days since the 100 death recorded. Just goes to show how this pandemic had a long term impact. All thoseContinue reading “COVID Milestone: ~1 million US deaths in 800 days”

Omicron Spreads – fatalities on the rise

This picture tells it all – new cases across America are at extreme levels: Lets look at this in table form: Perhaps the messaging on Omicron being less lethal has resulted in a false sense of confidence – as we can see average daily fatality rates starting to rise across the country: Generally a levelContinue reading “Omicron Spreads – fatalities on the rise”

TN hits 9% hospital capacity

Tennessee hits 9% hospital capacity (source TN website): While not yet at the prior levels of cases from last year – cases are significantly higher than the prior 3 months. Note from the orange bars we can see TN got hit pretty hard with the Delta wave: Also note the spike in fatalities in DecContinue reading “TN hits 9% hospital capacity”

Europe stumbles of vaccine distribution Thank goodness for Brexit. UK has one of the highest rates of vaccine administration. The EU has one of the lowest. In the article attached the EU further slows the distribution of vaccines to the over 64 population. Not a good move.

Pandemic supply chain issues: oxygen One worrying, and probably previously not considered, is the limits on the availability of oxygen for covid sufferers. Even in the US California has issued rules rationing oxygen. So telling that this bottleneck comes in almost a year after the pandemic supply – yet another example of poor pandemic planning and a vital lessonContinue reading “Pandemic supply chain issues: oxygen”

US states with highest rates of new cases Worrying for CA, AZ and Rhode Island. AZ and Rhode Island have at various times had the highest per capita death rates across the country. A consequence of complacency. Why did the Federal government not issue travel bans over the holidays ? Surely it would make sense to curtail airline travel (unless vaccinated) andContinue reading “US states with highest rates of new cases”

Person from Colorado with no travel history gets UK variant of covid virus In surely a sign that our contact tracing efforts have failed (and certainly do not scale to the 5m plus new cases alone in December) a Colorado person, with no travel history, is reported to be the first person in the US with the UK strain of COVID. The lack of a universal (acrossContinue reading “Person from Colorado with no travel history gets UK variant of covid virus”