Person from Colorado with no travel history gets UK variant of covid virus

In surely a sign that our contact tracing efforts have failed (and certainly do not scale to the 5m plus new cases alone in December) a Colorado person, with no travel history, is reported to be the first person in the US with the UK strain of COVID.

The lack of a universal (across US) and technologically scalable contact tracing app is surely a lesson learned from this pandemic.

While I know people will complain about perceived loss of freedoms but the tech companies claimed they had figured this out – but each state had different requirements for their health authorities.

The result is basically a non existent contact tracing approach across the US.

In our very pockets are super computers that would be able to tell us if we have been in proximity to someone who tested positive for covid (without declaring who) so that we could get ourselves tested and limit the spread. Why then is that not here?

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