Global Covid Roundup

In today’s blog we take a quick look at the global picture for COVID. Once again South America has the highest rate per capita of new cases. One key point to note; many of the countries worst hit now are the poorest in the world. As you read this – spare a thought for those countries – and lets all try to do something to encourage international aid to support them.

Global Covid Map – South America is the focus

Lets look at this in table form. Some of the countries on the list have very small populations (Maldives; Bahrain; Costa Rica) – but we can see here Uruguay; Argentina very high on the list

Average daily fatalities (7 day average)


Argentina never really bent the curve – as is shown in the chart below. Fatalities per million per day are at an alarming level – on an increasing case load:

To make the point more emphatically – here’s the 1 year trend

Per capita cases and fatalities


Uruguay’s a different story. Seemingly relatively untouched by COVID in 2020 – the current 2021 wave is far more persistent and troubling. Of note however, the population is 4 million. This should be a small enough population to quickly vaccinate, if international assistance can be provided (that’s half the population of Israel).


Brazil – is on the same upward trend as Argentina – as we see below – althought interesingly the fatality curve is reducing significantly. That said – in real numbers (not per capita) Brazil is averaging almost 2,000 deaths per day.


In line with my intro to this article – did you know India (population 1.4bn) has per capita income of $2,000 per person (as compared to US = $60k). Its impressive that India seems to have bent the curve with that financial constraint.

Although cases for the month of May (to 5-21-21) are 7.3 million and fatalities are 83,000. That’s still an average of over 4,000 deaths per day.


I learned something new today(!). Nepal is a country of 28 million people. Perhaps by watching so many Expedition Everest shows I’d assumed a much smaller population.

Nepal’s proximity to India is causing an explosion of cases there. Did you know GDP per capital is just $900 per year. Lets all spare a thought for Nepal – and pray that the country gets the aid it needs to protect its people.

What’s going well

Quite a lot – check out some charts of the best performing countries; including the US and UK – where largescale vaccine rollout is unquestioningly delivering these benefits

No wonder CDC lifted the mask mandate – but 1.8 fatalities per million per day is still 600 deaths per day
The US had 98,000 deaths in January alone – but as of May 21st – just 13,000! That is great progress
UK is even further along – with only 22 new cases per million per day and close to zero fatalities!

UK monthly deaths peaked at 33,000 in January – and thus far in May are 200. That’s another amazing record of success.

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