Global Covid round up 6-11-21

A quick look at the global covid status hows that India has successfully brought its COVID numbers down; but South America remains the worst hit continent – using official WHO numbers. Mongolia is also trending higher – with currently 300 cases per million per day (but based off a low overall population of approximately 4m).

India bends the curve
Columbia struggles – going from bad to worse
Argentina also struggles….with rising cases and fatalities
UK cases are trending up based on the Delta variant – but no increase in fatalities

US News

Across the US – the vaccination impact is showing clearly. All states are at very low levels for new covid cases.

New case data is looking good

Fatalities have still not fully come down in Michigan; West Virginia or Georgia– but should do so very soon based on the current case data

Michigan cases are improving rapidly

Perhaps the best way to show the solid improvement across the whole US – is a stat I was tracking since early COVID which is the ‘worst counties’ in America list. Today there are only 4 counties on the list. In late December 2020 there were 572

The critiera is population greater than 100,000 and new cases per million greater than 200. Here are the 4 counties.

StateCounty New Cases per million  New Fatalities per million County Pop

With numbers this low across the US, travel season is back! Get out there and visit a National Park…. we did just recently and they have never appeared to be more popular

One of the National Parks… can you guess where?

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