Indonesia leads the world in current COVID deaths: concerns about new variants

Indonesia (population 265m) is currently leading average daily deaths from COVID – at approximately 1700 deaths per day. As can be seen from the charts, both cases and fatalies have sharply risen in July.

Here are the top countries in table format:

Here’s look at the global hot spots for new cases – Spain is also very high

All of these countries have very high per capita death rates

Virus mutations

One of the facts that I’m reminded of is that viruses mutate especially well in crowded conditions. It seems no suprise therefore that the Delta variant first emerged in India. There are recent reports that the COVID deaths in India are under-reported – with various analysis measuring excess deaths reporting potentially 4m deaths from COVID. If those numbers are true – its easy to see how the virus was able to transform into its current, more transmissible, form.

Now, some concerns are focused on whether new variants may emerge in Indonesia. See the story below:

COVID has been the complacency virus. Each time we relax our measures, it springs up. The US is now firmly in an additional wave. Fortunately most of our very vulnerable segments of society have had adequate opportunity for vaccination; however children under 12 are still not eligble. Its truly hard to read about populations within the US with very low vaccination rates. That just increases the risk that a more lethal variant could do significantly more damage to those people currently unvaccinated in the future.

The global picture is proving that new variants are being created and can be more virulent. A complacent approach to preventation is going to increase our short and medium term pain. We need to step up the vaccination drive.

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