Global Covid Round up – Peru and Indonesia show improvment; Israel makes the case for boosters; US at almost 1000 deaths per day

Average Deaths per Day

Current average daily deaths

Fatalities since inception on a per capita basis. Peru is #1 – we’ll take a look at that later.

Current case levels: Israel is currently 2x that of the US – we’ll look into that below.

Indonesia shows improvement

A few weeks ago – Indonesia was recording the current highest levels of daily deaths in the world; now it is showing significant improvement. Average deaths are still about 1280 per day – currently the highest of any country – but down from 1800 per day in late July.

The rise of Delta was swift in Indonesia. Deaths increased from an average of 5000 to 6000 per month to 35,000 in July. So far in August 34,000 deaths have been recorded – and this will likely be the deadliest month on record for the country.

US Deaths are Rising again

Very high level of fatalities per million; and over 17,000 deaths in August (compared to 8,000 in July)

Israel – sharply up

Its been widely reported that Israel is rolling out booster shots to its 9m people. With the curve like that below – that’s very easy to understand. Good luck with getting that booster out quickly. Time is of the essence.

Fatalities so far in August are 10x higher than in July – and only 8 deaths in the month of June.

UK, Italy, France – cases are up – but fatalities still largely under control

Philippines – sharply rising fatalities

Brazil showing sustained improvement – but fatalities still far too high

No denying the improvement here.

Peru shows continued improvement

Peru is the world #1 for per capita fatalities since inception. On a population of just 32m, it has recorded almost 200,000 covid deaths. Thats 0.6% of their entire population – just on COVID. Based on the current numbers, is this country demonstrating an example of herd immunity?

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