Davidson County, TN hits 1,000 COVID deaths. Stop acting like its over – what action are you taking?

Still think this is over? Think again. Davidson County TN just crossed 1,000 deaths from COVID; from a population of 695,000 people. That means that 0.14% of people have died from COVID.

Souce for this is the NY Times Data – which shows recent data. Below is a pretty cool graphic – which basically shows that cases now in August 2021 are approaching the peak levels of December 2020.

Hospitalizations are on the rise:

Also from the NY Times

Deaths are sharply rising

Deaths in August are 4x those of July and 20x those of June

Per the CDC we are at very high risk levels:

Davidson County is at an extremely high risk level for unvaccinated people because there was an average of 59 daily cases per 100,000 people reported in the past two weeks and the test positivity was over 10 percent. 

For more of the excellent NY Times reporting on COVID click here.

For the Davidson County Dashboard click here. This shows 981 deaths, but the data is on a 5 day lag and updated only 2x per week. This site also shows test positivity rate of 14%.

Its time to stop acting like its over – and get back to the basics

Thankfully some businesses are taking some proactive steps… here’s an example from a business in Nashville

Hi Parents,
Unfortunately we have found ourselves in a position to re-evaluate our Covid policy once again.

After much thought, parent feedback and research into how the delta variant is affecting children we think the safest action is to reinstate our mask policy for the time being.

We will be requiring our staff to be vaccinated as well as wearing masks in order to limit any kind of spread. We ask our parents to also wear masks if inside.

The safety of our kids is important and we want to make sure we are taking every step to provide a safe environment for them.

A local martial arts business

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