Rural Tennessee: Carter County

Carter County Courthouse in Elizabethton

How does a county of just 54,000 people manage to amass 184 covid deaths? That’s over 3,000 deaths per million – one of the highest in the country

From the chart below – we can see peak deaths occurred in January at 46. Zero deaths in April and very few in May and June. The we see the rise of COVID Delta. 4 deaths in July (perhaps no too alarming); but then 18 deaths in the month of August.

Here’s the wikipedia link to Carter County A few selected data points:

97% white; median age 38; median family income $33k; per capita income $15k. 17% of the population is below the poverty line.

Carter County has about 32% of its population fully vaccinated.

Delta is different… its not too late to get the vax

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