States setting new peak COVID deaths

Mississippi; Florida and Louisiana have all set record peak daily death numbers so far this month

MS had 124 on Sept 6th; Florida has 1,338 on Sept 2nd; and Louisiana had 223 on 1st Sept. Lets pull up the charts

MS – currently 14 deaths per million per day

Florida – 15.8 deaths per million per day

Louisiana 10.1 deaths per million per day


Not positive. The following states have all set record new daily case numbers this month (September).

Oklahoma, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, North Carolina, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Georgia, South Carolina

Its no surprise that the US fatality rate has risen sharply over the past 6 weeks. From less than 1 per million per day – to more than 4. In plain numbers thats almost 1,500 deaths per day currently.

To pick my home state example – across all of TN ICU capacity is now at 5% – or 107 beds available for a state of 7 million people.

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