US Cases may be coming down – but fatalities are still very high

A quick look at this chart reveals that current US average deaths from COVID are over 1600 per day. That’s very high – and in fact numbers not seen since February of this year.

Here’s a similar chart but with real numbers (not per capita). You’ll see back in July – average deaths were about 250 per day.

What’s very odd is that across the rest of the world, most of the epicenter is in Eastern Europe. I can’t think why the US is in the same company as Eastern Europe.

As reported previously, UK is on an upswing of cases (far more than the US) – but due to higher vaccination rates has a much lower level of fatalities per capita.

Hot spots in the USA

Here are the hot spots in the US – expressed as current fatalities per million per day. Pretty much all states are experiencing very high fatality rates. Clearly the numbers spike up in small populations:

The US map doesn’t show a pretty picture (a few good spots in the North East; CA etc)

Texas and Oklahoma have average deaths per day exceeding 150.

Oklahoma is likely a blip – meaning a glitch in collecting data which has suddenly been corrected. It also has a small population of just 4 million. We shall see if the blip theory is correct within a week or so.

As high as Texas is currently, its numbers are trending downwards

Georgia is a pretty large state of 10 million people – its fatality levels are nearing those of January 2021 – but cases have come down quickly.

Tennessee also showing improvement – but still very high

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