70,000 people are testing positive per day in NY

The state of New York, population 19 million is currently experiencing 70,000 positive new tests per day . That’s about 0.4% of the population every day!

Here’s the number of positive tests for the first week:

Average deaths are about 100 per day over the same period.

Here’s the graphical trend – per capita at the state level. Notice the rate of fatalities has tripled in the past 3 weeks. While Omicron may be less severe in percentage terms; the sheer spread of Omicron can still result in large numbers of fatalities.

A closer look at New York City reveals the huge rate of new cases (about 40% of new cases from the state are in NYC). That’s about 1.5% of the population – every day!

A similar story is playing out in NJ. Here is the results for Essex County, NJ – over 4,000 new positive cases, per million, per dayy.


Tennessee is not quite as bad – just yet. Shelby County is one of the highest (cases are similar to Essex County, NJ):

Davidson county has typically been less impact by COVID than Shelby – and current trends support the same trend:

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