US Peaks on cases but not yet fatalities

The global march of Omicron is still going – check out the case numbers reported on the WHO website. 2022 is showing a truly unprecedented level of cases. World wide over 22 million cases recorded in the week running up to Jan 17th. Thankfully the fatality curve has not followed suit. The US has peakedContinue reading “US Peaks on cases but not yet fatalities”

UK has definitely peaked on Omicron

The UK has definitely peaked on Omicron – as can be seen from the chart below. Cases now are a little over half of the peak values. Looking at the charts – the peak is about 1 month after daily cases per capita exceeded 600 cases per million. Fatalities not yet falling. The Uk isContinue reading “UK has definitely peaked on Omicron”

Omicron workforce disruption Jan 2022

Great reporting from Morning Brew…. Consider subscribing: In workplaces across the country, Americans who have Covid are asking their colleagues to cover for them while they’re out sick. And when those coworkers can’t, because, well, they also have Covid, you get the kind of severe economic disruptions the US is facing right now. The numbers: The US isContinue reading “Omicron workforce disruption Jan 2022”

70,000 people are testing positive per day in NY

The state of New York, population 19 million is currently experiencing 70,000 positive new tests per day . That’s about 0.4% of the population every day! Here’s the number of positive tests for the first week: Average deaths are about 100 per day over the same period. Here’s the graphical trend – per capita atContinue reading “70,000 people are testing positive per day in NY”

TN icu capacity at 8%

As expected the Omicron wave is starting to make its presence felt in hospital capacity. Many of my readers will note that I periodically look at hospital capacity stats. TN does a nice job in making this data available. The data shows very limited capacity available to deal with additional cases. Be careful out there.Continue reading “TN icu capacity at 8%”