Destin …. no need for social distancing here …. it’s 2019 again

We just arrived at Destin for a few days. Went to get a takeout pizza from local restaurant. I was completely shocked by the scene I saw. It’s as though COVID does not exist.

The restaurant has outdoor seating in a large tent – at which tables are packed back to back.

When I went indoors to get the pizza – the wait staff were wearing masks – but all the patrons were sitting right next to each other with ZERO attempts at seemingly reducing indoor capacity or proximity.

No patrons – indoors or outdoors were wearing masks.

Add to that I can see multi family houses rented out with 5 or 6 cars in the driveway – clearly there is no social distancing within these houses.

It’s like I travelled back in time to 2019. However with such a large percentage of vacationers from out of state – the Okaloosa county stats may not spike – but this could be the root cause for many new infections.

We had planned to eat mainly at our rental. We will definitely do that – especially if we don’t find any restaurants establishing basic protections.

A total shock! if this is going on across Florida it’s no wonder they are leading the nation in daily cases.

One thought on “Destin …. no need for social distancing here …. it’s 2019 again

  1. This is so sad Julian that their inexplicable desire for self-satisfaction will literally result in thousands more deaths and hospitalizations of those who took the steps to stop the spread of this virus!

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