Great analysis from NY Times

Found this in The NY Times – great analysis showing the disparity of COVID cases by region in the US.

North East learns the lessons the hard way. Other regions on the same path.

For sure we have to eventually emerge from this with a much better playbook than we had for this one.

You can just look at this curve and see how many cases could have been avoided had reopening been conducted responsibly.

We all can improve in our risk based decisions and better adapt when we see really bad data in those states impacted early in the crisis.

Equally so the Southern States and Governors who reopened rashly and without adequate safeguards should surely see the mess they have now created.

We are all tired of the virus and want things back to normal. But just like we don’t control the weather – when the covid data is bad – we have to adapt and in cases reverse our plans.

I still think of the Arizona Governor who in the midst of record COVID cases announced an executive order to limit indoor dining to 50%. Not even 2 weeks later hospitals are over run and fatalities hitting record highs (for their state).

This is a prime example of stubbornness. Yes we all want to reopen – but make your decisions based on the data.

As Fauci once said – the virus is in control.

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