Overview of Global COVID Progress

A quick round up of some of the key facts, figures and trends for some countries of the world.

Only a handful of countries are recording more than 150 new cases per million of citizens per day. The US, Brazil and Israel are three of those.

Brazil seems to have stablized cases; but fatalities remain high. In fact – a flat line graph of fatalities for the past month seems decidely suspicious if you ask me. The data that is reported shows an average of over 900 deaths per day for each of the last 74 days. That’s 75,000 deaths in about 10 weeks.

US also has a high rate of new cases, but is succeeding in pulling the number down; fatalities are less than those of Brazil – pointing to perhaps better health outcomes – but no cause for complacency.

The US has been recording and average of over 1,000 deaths per day from COVID in the past week. For context on July 8th the US daily average deaths dipped to 484 – its lowest point in the past 4 months. So basically the number of people dying per day in the US has doubled in the past month. See below chart for the context.

US daily deaths have doubled in the past month

Israel seemingly followed the US curve – resulting in a similar rapid increase in cases in May. Average fatalities are though even better than in the US.

Spain is experiencing an upsurge – something that is reported on in the media – but still nothing like that of the countries I’ve mentioned above. Lets put this in context – its considered a big spike in Spain when they are at one third of the US numbers! Fatalities are very few.

Australia enacted lockdown again in Melbourne and was reported in the US news. Australia is at 12% of the current US numbers!

UK and many other countries are holding down cases to very low levels. Congratulations to those countries. The UK reduced average daily cases from about 70 per million of population at the begining of May to around 12 per million today. Fatality rate has improved dramatically in the same period.

Overall lesson:

Its great to see those countries that have been successful keep their eye on the ball – and bring back tough measures as needed.

COVID thrives on complacency. I’d much rather get tough at 20 cases per million per day than do the same at 200 cases per million per day.

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