India : 70,000 cases per day

India has now crossed over the 70,000 cases per day level. Currently at about 71,000. That’s the highest number in the world.

The context though is important – over 1.3bn people. However 70,000 new cases per day is a lot. Lets work that through – at that rate – that’s a lot of people contagious (14 day period) – and a lot of people coping with the disease (assuming average coping period is 30 days).

Lets put that in plane numbers. Close to 1 million people currently contagious. Another 1 million coping with COVID.

Fatality numbers are very different

The current level of in India is about 0.7 fatalities per million per day. That’s probably about ½ of what would be expected here in the US.

Is there something different about the way India is calculating fatalities? Or are there better health outcomes? Could there be something in the India diet that results in better health outcomes.

I’m a big believer in the power of the plant based diet. If the Indian numbers are correct – and an underlying factor is plant based nutrition – then sign me up for lots of spicy food right now!

Photo by Edoardo Colombo on

Forget about a mask…. time to spice up!

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