Global Covid Roundup – 9-3-2020

A quick round up of the level of case creation across the globe. Take a look at the heat map below.

The numbers may be hard to read – but lets first focus on the colors. That’s right – the bulk of new case creation is in South Americas. Here’s the data in table form:

Argentina has the highest rate of new case creation per capita – but virtually the same as Peru and Costa Rica.

The South American fatality rate is very high compared to other regions.

Columbia is currently leading the world in daily fatalities per million people – at 6.3.

This is closely followed by Bolivia 5.2 and Peru 4.8

Nine of the top 10 positions in this table are counties of Central or South America

Only 3 countries have more than 10,000 cases per day

India has the highest numbers of new cases at 78,000 per day – but that has to compared with its population of 1.3bn. India is now #3 in the world based on total COVID deaths – at 68,000 deaths. See my other post on how the fatality rate is significantly lower than any other country with this level of case creation.

USA has the 2nd highest level of new cases – at about 42,000 per day – but per capita this is showing significant improvement. The US is now down to 128 cases per million per day.

Brazil is currently recording 40,000 cases per day. Its fatality rate is much higher than that of the US – at approx 4 deaths per million per day. That means 860 deaths per day. Brazil has the 2nd highest number of total covid deaths at 124,000 – but on a per capita basis, it exceeds the US.

Europe starts to increase – in Spain and France

Spain is leading the Euro country block with a severe uptick – and for now is higher than the US. The Spain numbers do look as though they may have peaked – and there appears to be no significant on fatalities yet.

France is the second highest in Europe at around 84 cases per million per day. Thats about 5,500 new cases per day.

Most other Euro Countries, including the UK are less than 30 cases per million per day.

Can the US keep up the progress?

We’ve made great progress since the peaks of late July. Can we keep it up?

Lets not forget – before Memorial Day we were around 60 cases per million per day. That’s half of what we have now. Lets not be complacent at the current levels – and keep reminding ourselves how we can win this war.

For inspiration – look to Europe – most of these countries are less than 30 cases per million per day.

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