Two Weeks in US Vaccination History

What a difference two weeks. Comparing data from the CDC website on COVID vaccinations – between Jan 24th and Feb 7th – here’s what I found

  • An increase of 18 million doses delivered
  • An increase of 17 million doses administered
  • # of people with 1+ shot increased by almost 12 million people

8 states now have more than 10% of people with at least one vaccination dose administered. Alaska has 14% of its people with at least one shot of vaccination. West Virigina and New Mexico are also doing exceptionally well in administering the vaccine.

Of note – West Virigina is the state with the highest percentage of people having received both vaccination shots – currently at 5.6% ( on that measure the worst performer is Mississippi with only 1.6%)

A couple of other points to note from the CDC data:

  • 1.1m doses administered to veterans.
  • 588,000 doses administered to the Dept of defense
  • 40,000 doses administered to Bureau of Prisons

Here are the top 15 states by total doses administered

So at the current pace it looks like about 2% to 3% of the US population will get 1+ dose of vaccine administered each week. Watch this space!

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