Cuomo begins to take heat over nursing home related deaths

Full transparency is required to learn lessons from this pandemic and to refine our playbook for the next one.

Already it seems that NY has acknowledged the playbook needs to change by not allowing recovering patients to return to nursing homes right away.

Reading between the lines it looks like he was prioritizing freeing up hospital capacity – which is perfectly understandable.

In my view we need ‘pandemic hotels’ where people are allowed to recover in a controlled environment without risking further spreading across the country. The pandemic playbook should invoke powers to temporarily take over certain hotels to do this (and likely reputable hotel chains who have excess capacity would be willing to make their space available at zero or low cost).

That’s a pretty simple solution. In a pandemic hotel occupancy drops off anyway.

Next Time – fight the problem collectively – pulling in the hotel industry – and we’ll get thru this more safely

But give us transparency to the data. Goos solutions flow from good data.

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