Frozen Wind Power isn’t the cause of Texas rolling blackouts

Expect more politicization of renewable energy as some have suggested that frozen wind turbines are the cause for the blackouts in Texas

However a closer read of the facts shows that renewable energy is only a small part of electricity production in Texas. Natural gas is the largest and it is here that they have had big problems. The gas has been frozen in the pipelines to the power plants.

On our road trip to Mount Rushmore several years ago I was impressed when I saw South Dakota had invested in wind turbines. How many win turbines frozen in South Dakota. I’m betting none!

The above link suggests Texas didn’t pay to install equipment that would allow turbines to operate in cold weather.

Texas also is off the grid in that it doesn’t get its power from other states. In this current disaster that doesn’t look like a smart energy security move.

Texans should demand accountability from their leaders. And not get swayed by feeble complaints about renewable energy.

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