Arkansas and Missouri are not with the program

US Epicenters for COVID – Arkansas and Missouri

Take a look at the league table below. Arkansas leads the US at about 230 new cases per million per day – with the majority of all states well below 50 cases per million per day

According to the Mayo Clinic only 42% of adults in Arkansas (population 3m) have received at least one dose and 45% in Missouri (population 6.1m).

By contrast 16 states have over 60% of their populations covered by at least one dose. In this map from the Mayo Clinic – darker green means more coverage.

The worst states (in descending order) are:

North Dakota44.3%
South Carolina44.8%
% of population with at least one dose of COVID vaccine

A review of the age breakdown shows some of the disconnect

While 82% of people aged 65+ have received a vaccine in Arkansas – this still lags many of the states in the US. The population aged 18-64 is especially low at 46% (compare to California at 71%).

Missouri on the upswing
Arkansas on the upswing

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