COVID has more sequels than the Fast & Furious Franchise

Its really hard to look at data that shows that once again the COVID virus is finding ways to continue to spread. I already reported on Arkansas and Missouri not being with the program last week – and this week we can add Florida, Nevada and Utah to the list.

Cases are up again

We can start to see the impact of these states on the right hand side of the graph below

Lets take a look at that part of the curve in whole numbers:

From a low of 10,000 cases per day in early July – cases have now rapidly accelerated to more than double that – erasing the progress made in the month of June.

Fortunately the fatalities numbers continue to fall in the US… but note there were still 10,000 deaths from COVID in the month of June.

What’s happening the in the rest of the world: UK

This shows the same period as the US zoom in. Here we see an exponential rise in the number of cases. From a low of 1500 cases per day in mid may – the UK now has an average 33,000 cases per day.

Spain shows a similar spike

Global League Table shows some significantly high levels of COVID


Brazil has recorded 534,000 deaths versus the US 602,000. At the current daily rate of 1295 per day (versus US of 256) – this means Brazil could overtake the US for most number of deaths from COVID by end September. June deaths in Brazil were still the 4th highest on record for that country.

Brazil has never really gotten control of COVID

The Brazil Daily trend shows no sustained downward progress in average fatalities… albeit slow – and still to high:

Contrast that with the US monthly data:

Staying in South America;

Columbia recorded its highest monthly total of deaths from COVID in June. Current fatalities are 11.3 per million day.

The Spanish Curve also shows more plot twists that a hollywood blockbuster

India: Significant progress – from 9.3 million cases in May to 2.3 million cases in June

CUBA is also facing a record high number of cases and fatalities:

No surprise therefore to watch the news reports this week of the civil unrest in that country


It’s not over yet. Just as F9 was the first blockbuster of the proclaimed ‘post covid’ era in the US, we know we can expect an F10 and the virus isn’t taking any time off.

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