Florida: At what point would you think COVID deaths should be avoidable by now? 1200 Floridians died from COVID in July.

Florida hits its 4 wave of COVID – with the Delta variant – and average deaths per day are at levels seen in March of this year. Current case numbers are higher than at ANY TIME since the inception of the pandemic. Almost 20,000 new cases per day.

Lets look at that in a monthly trend.

1200 people died from COVID in Florida in July. Note August numbers are only for the first week of August. August will likely be worse.

Bad as Florida is – the per capita rate of fatalities in Louisiana and Arkansas are worse.

And a look at the case burden across America leaves little hope for optimism in the short term. Delta is spreading rapidly across many states.

Return to school 2.0 – no lessons learned

It hardly seems right that we’re faced with the return to school – right in the middle of a major covid upswing. The US average of over 90,000 cases per day; and over 400 deaths per day is especially concerning.

Seems clear to me that schools need to mask up like its August 2020 – not August 2021. We are demonstrating that our collective abilities to beat this virus – even with vaccines – is poor at best.

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