Don’t Disgard the Data – Davidson County TN. Cases are sharply rising before school resumes

Sharply rising case count here in Davidson County, TN:

Daily cases now are 5x the level of early July.

Which is a similar case for TN.

And – clearly the US as a whole:

US is now almost 10x higher than the levels in early July.

Proactive businesses are masking up

I’m encouraged by those businesses that are voluntarily masking up. Davidson County has been slow to update guidance to businesses.

Hospital Capacity

A lot of what we expect from government officials speaks to capacity management. When hospitals are close to capacity – we expect more proactive measures to ensure health services operate as expected. That does not seem to be the case. See attached:

Don’t Deny the Data

Delta is a new strain – so treat it with the appropriate caution – especially for those of us with children who are too young to be vaccinated.

The current return to school situation easily looks like a repeat of 2020 – and we can all recall the spike in cases & fatalities over Thanksgiving to New Year. While many of the vulnerable have received vaccines , as current hospital capacity concerns show, there’s plenty of opportunity for this variant to disrupt.

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