US COVID Stats disappoint, but not as much as Governor Lee of Tennessee

As of August 16th – lets look at monthly COVID data trends. From a low of just 400,000 cases in June; cases are now 1.7m (to the mid August point). Fatalities in August to date are almost at the level of July – approximately 8,400. Expect over 10,000 deaths this month.

We are worse prepared than this same time last year – heading into the school reopenings and run up to holiday periods.

Governor Lee of Tennessee…. what data are you looking at?

Some governors may choose to not look at the data – but let me ask you a very specific question. “When you allow parents to ignore school rules that require children to wear masks – how are you so confident that COVID delta will not spread more rapidly and result in more deaths, and exceed hospital capacity”.

Really – how are you that confident given the data?

Given that students were already wearing masks in May 2021…. what great hardship would it be to simply start the school year off in August by ….wearing masks?

Back to the US data

New case volume is now 3x the same period last year. Average daily fatalities reached a low of 195 on July 7th this year.

A close up of the data since July. Average daily deaths are approximately 3x greater than the minimum recorded (July 7th) – now at 555 per day.

States driving the fatality rate:

Mostly the Gulf Coast states. Florida has an average 170 deaths per day from COVID currently.

New Case Growth:

Once again, severely high in Gulf Coast states. I’m going to have to change my color scheme.

Florida – almost 30,000 new cases daily

Tennessee over 4,000

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