Northern States with rising cases

Spot the difference – a very similar pattern emerges in the northern states. Notice the sharply rising fatality rate (red line) in most cases. Idaho is currently on 12.4 COVID deaths per million per day. Fortunately a declinining trend in some southern states – especially the blue line (cases) The net result is that theContinue reading “Northern States with rising cases”

Russia gets serious on covid – lockdowns and low vaccination rates

Russia is now at a very high level of fatalities from COVID. Over 7 fatalities per million per day. Approximately 34,000 new cases are recorded per day. The attached WSj article informs that vaccination rates are in the low 50%. Lock downs are in effect. Russia Orders People Not to Go to Work as Covid-19Continue reading “Russia gets serious on covid – lockdowns and low vaccination rates”

US Cases may be coming down – but fatalities are still very high

A quick look at this chart reveals that current US average deaths from COVID are over 1600 per day. That’s very high – and in fact numbers not seen since February of this year. Here’s a similar chart but with real numbers (not per capita). You’ll see back in July – average deaths were aboutContinue reading “US Cases may be coming down – but fatalities are still very high”

Eastern Europe and the UK – feeling the Delta pinch

A quick look at the global numbers shows the UK and Eastern Europe feeling the surge of Delta cases. Latvia is the highest – with over 800 cases per million per day Not surprisingly this is translating into high current fatality levels in those countries. Romania and Bulgaria are leading the world with over 10Continue reading “Eastern Europe and the UK – feeling the Delta pinch”

The perils of misinformation: Alaska is the latest to feel the effects

All this pandemic needs to thrive is misinformation. You know – the kind where a fact is presented in isolation of other relevant data. Take for example the following statements There have been 700,000 side effects of the covid vaccine in the US Asymptomatic people don’t spread the virus Lets put the first point inContinue reading “The perils of misinformation: Alaska is the latest to feel the effects”

In Alaska’s Covid Crisis, Doctors Must Decide Who Lives and Who Dies – The New York Times

Another example of misinformation leading to chronic medical capacity issues including rationing of care. Amid the nation’s worst Covid-19 outbreak, patients are trapped in remote communities and doctors are prioritizing treatment based on who is most likely to survive. — Read on