70,000 people are testing positive per day in NY

The state of New York, population 19 million is currently experiencing 70,000 positive new tests per day . That’s about 0.4% of the population every day! Here’s the number of positive tests for the first week: Average deaths are about 100 per day over the same period. Here’s the graphical trend – per capita atContinue reading “70,000 people are testing positive per day in NY”

Omicron Spreads – fatalities on the rise

This picture tells it all – new cases across America are at extreme levels: Lets look at this in table form: Perhaps the messaging on Omicron being less lethal has resulted in a false sense of confidence – as we can see average daily fatality rates starting to rise across the country: Generally a levelContinue reading “Omicron Spreads – fatalities on the rise”

TN icu capacity at 8%

As expected the Omicron wave is starting to make its presence felt in hospital capacity. Many of my readers will note that I periodically look at hospital capacity stats. TN does a nice job in making this data available. The data shows very limited capacity available to deal with additional cases. Be careful out there.Continue reading “TN icu capacity at 8%”

TN hits 9% hospital capacity

Tennessee hits 9% hospital capacity (source TN website): While not yet at the prior levels of cases from last year – cases are significantly higher than the prior 3 months. Note from the orange bars we can see TN got hit pretty hard with the Delta wave: Also note the spike in fatalities in DecContinue reading “TN hits 9% hospital capacity”