Arizona cases & deaths surge….. and says no to contact tracing app from Apple & Google

At this point, what has Arizona got to lose?

Its really hard to see what’s happening in the USA – and in particular states like Arizona. As widely reported – Arizona has been shooting up the league table for new cases of Covid – since early June. By the end of June, also the end of Q2 – it could hardly have been in a worse position imaginable. While during Q1 – all eyes were on the North East states in particular, many other states enacted lock downs and kept their numbers in check.

At the end of Q1 Arizona had about 50 cases per million per day, by the end of Q2 that number was 427 – over 8x higher

Here’s the data in league table format. Arizona is the #1 state for new cases per capita – and is moving ever higher on fatalities per capita also.

Note – the recent spike in NJ fatalities is due to a recent decision to add those people who died of presumed COVID but were not tested at the time into their stats. 1,877 deaths were added into their population of numbers on June 25th. Expect the NJ ‘new fatalities’ number to fall back in line with their trend in about a week.

Across the US – we have a sea of RED – showing many states with case levels far too high to support an acceptably low level of fatalties.

The result in aggregate for the US – is a very disappointing level of cases – that exceeded those recorded earlier in the crisis. Granted that much more testing is being done now, than was the case in early April – but lets not forget that prior to Memorial Day – the case trend was definitely downwards.

If growth in COVID cases can be constrained; fatalities should not reach the levels seen in Apri.

Whatever we were all doing, prior to Memorial Day, we need to return to that. There’s no cause for complacency here.

So that brings me back to apps that enable users to sign up for contact tracing. The latest updates from IOS provides the operating system support to enable apps to support contact tracing, without violating privacy data. Some states like Alabama, North Dakota, South Carolina have signed up to use these features. Many states have not – including ARIZONA. Read about this here.

Now – why would the state with the largest growth in COVID cases, say no to technology solutions to help people understand if they may have been exposed? It defies belief.

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