States setting new fatality records so far in July

So much for the hot weather preventing covid. That theory has been fully disproven. Here are the states setting new records for COVID average deaths per day in July.

StateMax Daily Av DeathsDateFPM

FPM stands for fatalities per million of population based off these new numbers.

Cumulatively these numbers are still a long way of the NY, NJ tristate areas however. NY (state) has since inception 1,683 deaths per million residents, NJ has 1715 per million residents. Since inception Arizona has 292, Florida has 185, Texas 107, Mississippi has 403.

There’s still time for the South to avoid the death tolls experienced by the Tristate – but not much time. The recent Arizona governors executive order to limit restaurants to 50% capacity doesn’t seem at all sufficient to halt the growth of cases there. The uptick in fatalities at almost 6 people per million per day is on an upward trend and does not indicate positively for that. Arizona’s record daily case load of 4,797 reported on June 30th hasn’t yet fully influenced fatality rates. Expect higher fatalities in short order.

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