The ever increasing WORST LARGE COUNTIES in America list

When I started this list on June 22nd, there were only 35 large counties in America that had a daily average new case level of 100 cases per million per day. A few weeks later the number of counties meeting that criteria increased so much that I upped the cut off level to 200 cases per million per day. The criteria for ‘large county’ is unchanged at 100,000+ residents.

Today – I’m reporting 199 counties that exceed 200 new covid cases, per million residents, per day. That’s shocking and a measure of how explosive the growth in COVID has spread across so many counties in America.

For many of these counties – fatalities are at a higher level than what I’ve suggested are acceptable levels. Take Texas, Nueces county. A staggering daily average of 1000 new cases per million, and fatalities of 14 per million per day.

Yuma, Arizona continues to lead the pack on fatalities – at 27 fatalities per million per day, and still having new case growth of 716 new cases per million per day.

My own Davidson County, Tennessee – #12 on the list of worst counties for COVID case growth at 618 per million per day – and with fatalities of 5 per million per day.

Lets not forget Orleans County, Louisiana – since inception the level of fatalities are 8 times that of seasonal flu – and yet new cases are still growing at 241 cases per million per day. Recall my orginial article that said a level of about 30 cases per million per day – is about the long term average required for about 1 covid death per day – broadly equivalent to seasonal flu. We are so far off that measure now its hard to even think we can compare to that.

Anyhow – for those interested in looking up your state – here is the PDF report.

Here’s the average daily fatality map by state:

199 counties are now on the WORST counties in America list.

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