Best Large Counties in America

Mostly not in the Sun Belt!

This question comes from a subscriber in search of positive news. Thank you! I do need to remind myself to look for the positive sometimes.

Looking at all counties with population greater than 100,000, and where fatalities are currently less than 1 per million per day and where the outlook is reasonably good (meaning new cases are less than 100 per million per day) – gives the following list of 190 counties.

There are 7 counties in California that make the list – but this is the only part of the sun belt state that makes it to the list.

Some – that make the list are those that suffered very badly in the early part of the first wave. Here are those that have had COVID fatalities five times worse than seasonal flu. The good news – they seem to have things under control now.

94 of these counties – so about 48% have total fatalities to date less than or equal to that of the seasonal flu. CONGRATULATIONS to these counties!!!

Take a look at one example – a relatively rocky road – but reasonably under control now. This shows that nothing is flawless. They did a great job of reducing cases in the critical Memorial Day – period. Even in this example from Colorado – cases are trending up now – but they are not at critical level yet. There’s no time to become complacent.

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