Don’t use Ivermectin for Covid. Get an approved vaccine that over 170 million people have this year 170 million are fully vaccinated Check out these stats on Louisiana. Those not fully vaccinated account for 91% of covid patients

Approve the vaccine for our kids. Delta is omnipresent, leadership is not only lacking, its counterproductive. Louisiana spikes for the 4th time and hits unprecedented levels of cases.

Its a covid ground hog day. To compensate for inept leadership we need vaccine approval for our kids

Pediatric COVID-19 in Tennessee

From CNN this morning: Alabama is now seeing the highest number of Covid-19 cases among children than at any other time during the pandemic, State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris said Friday. From August 1-18, 2020, the state saw 1,831 cases of Covid-19 in children between the ages of 5 and 17. But for thatContinue reading “Pediatric COVID-19 in Tennessee”

US COVID Stats disappoint, but not as much as Governor Lee of Tennessee

As of August 16th – lets look at monthly COVID data trends. From a low of just 400,000 cases in June; cases are now 1.7m (to the mid August point). Fatalities in August to date are almost at the level of July – approximately 8,400. Expect over 10,000 deaths this month. We are worse preparedContinue reading “US COVID Stats disappoint, but not as much as Governor Lee of Tennessee”