Why you need DRIVE to be successful in Risk Management

Determination:  Be prepared to make tough decisions including those that constrain business activity.  Data Driven:  Transparency is the key to identifying risks and avoiding the bias that can come with gut feel. Resourceful: be creative in how you use your time and resources to focus on analysis and decisions that have the most impact. Respected:  Cultivate respect by being measured inContinue reading “Why you need DRIVE to be successful in Risk Management”

Vermont Sets a Very Tough Standard for Vacationers

This post is inspired by a question from a subscriber. Thank you! Ah – the peace and tranqulity of Vermont. Who wouldn’t want to escape the heat of the south, or the bustle of the city with a relaxing vacation in the countryside. Well before you pack for that trip consider the states “CROSS STATEContinue reading “Vermont Sets a Very Tough Standard for Vacationers”

400,000 COVID Tests Per Day!

I found a great resource on COVID testing stats today. https://ourworldindata.org/grapher/daily-covid-19-tests-per-thousand-rolling-3-day-average?country=ITA~USA~GBR~KOR This resource analyses the number of COVID tests performed per 1000 people – enabling a comparison across countries. It shows that the in each of the last 4 days of May the US performed over 400,000 tests. That’s amazing! The US testing is aboutContinue reading “400,000 COVID Tests Per Day!”