Analyzing Arizona – Poverty may be the key

All eyes seem to be on Arizona these days as this state has the highest rate of new cases per capita in the country at 222 per million per day. Taking a deeper dive, the counties with extremely high fatality rates (practically off the charts) are Santa Cruz, Navajo and Yuma – with respectively 22,Continue reading “Analyzing Arizona – Poverty may be the key”

Declining Fatality Rate in the US, but cases are not falling fast enough

I had an intuition, or rather expectation, that as the COVID crisis continues, the fatality levels would fall. The drivers behind my reasoning were as follows: Medical care would get better through the learning curve. Examples of this include reports of not putting people on ventilators immediately when oxygen levels are low – but monitoringContinue reading “Declining Fatality Rate in the US, but cases are not falling fast enough”

Why you need DRIVE to be successful in Risk Management

Determination:  Be prepared to make tough decisions including those that constrain business activity.  Data Driven:  Transparency is the key to identifying risks and avoiding the bias that can come with gut feel. Resourceful: be creative in how you use your time and resources to focus on analysis and decisions that have the most impact. Respected:  Cultivate respect by being measured inContinue reading “Why you need DRIVE to be successful in Risk Management”

Vermont Sets a Very Tough Standard for Vacationers

This post is inspired by a question from a subscriber. Thank you! Ah – the peace and tranqulity of Vermont. Who wouldn’t want to escape the heat of the south, or the bustle of the city with a relaxing vacation in the countryside. Well before you pack for that trip consider the states “CROSS STATEContinue reading “Vermont Sets a Very Tough Standard for Vacationers”