States setting new fatality records so far in July

So much for the hot weather preventing covid. That theory has been fully disproven. Here are the states setting new records for COVID average deaths per day in July. State Max Daily Av Deaths Date FPM Tennessee 22 7/9/20 1.88 Florida 120 7/9/20 2.58 Texas 119 7/8/20 2.37 Arizona 101 7/7/20 5.72 Mississippi 44 7/7/20Continue reading “States setting new fatality records so far in July”

Memorial Day Madness – the point of US divergence

I think it can all be traced back to Memorial Day. Prior to that time – the US was enjoying a declining trend in cases and fatalities. It wasn’t moving as quickly as some of the European countries – but it did not experience the same peak wave that affected those countries. Now, those EuropeanContinue reading “Memorial Day Madness – the point of US divergence”

Worst Large Counties 7-9-2020

The list of large counties (>100,000 population) which high levels of new cases diagnosed (>200 per million per day) continues to grow. 157 counties now meet those criteria. Since that list is too large to present easily on this website – here’s a link to the documents in pdf and excel. The top counties forContinue reading “Worst Large Counties 7-9-2020”

Worst Counties in America 7-5-2020

Here is the list of worst counties based on new cases per million. The criteria is all counties with population greater than 100,000 people. In the list below – all counties have over 400 new cases per day, per million of population. Arizona is not relinquishing it’s spot as the new COVID epicenter of theContinue reading “Worst Counties in America 7-5-2020”

Arizona cases & deaths surge….. and says no to contact tracing app from Apple & Google

At this point, what has Arizona got to lose? Its really hard to see what’s happening in the USA – and in particular states like Arizona. As widely reported – Arizona has been shooting up the league table for new cases of Covid – since early June. By the end of June, also the endContinue reading “Arizona cases & deaths surge….. and says no to contact tracing app from Apple & Google”

The award for most contagious goes to…

Starting with an assumption that all cases in the last 2 weeks are contagious – we get these startling stats on which states have the most contagious populations. We hope this population (after all they have been tested postive), are self isolating – but there is also an unknown population of untested, asymptomatic people. AnyhowContinue reading “The award for most contagious goes to…”